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Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler motivates and assists those wishing to hand down their jewelry collections to loved ones in a more meaningful way. Through the use of compelling stories, helpful information and a convenient worksheet system, the author, jeweler, and goldsmith, Deborah Koorey delivers. From a jeweler’s unique perspective, she also offers creative options for those without family heirs, situations of acrimony, and important advice on how to protect items that might be at risk as elders age and decline. Finally, this book is a champion in the cause of preserving, with meaning intact, vital family social history. Included with the purchase of this book is one free download of the worksheet system. Once your book arrives, follow the instructions provided on page 174 of the book to receive the digital Worksheet System packet.



DEBORAH J KOOREY is the owner of Koorey Creations, jewelry entrepreneur and goldsmith of over 35 years. She is the originator of the JTT (Jewelry Time Traveler) Worksheet System which seeks to organize and preserve meaningful Family World History with the use of personal family heirlooms, such as jewelry, in a new, innovative and positive way.


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ISBN 978-1-7342865-0-2 (Paperback Edition)
ISBN 978-1-7342865-1-9 (E-Pub)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020900079


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