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Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler
Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler
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Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

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Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

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This book is a champion of preserving vital family social history!


Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler

motivates and assists those wishing to hand down their jewelry collections to loved ones in a more meaningful way. Through the use of compelling stories, helpful information and a convenient worksheet system, the author, jeweler, and goldsmith, Deborah Koorey delivers. From a jeweler’s unique perspective, she also offers creative options for those without family heirs, situations of acrimony, and important advice on how to protect items that might be at risk as elders age and decline.

Finally, this book is a champion in the cause of preserving, with meaning intact, vital family social history. Included with the printed version of this book is one free download of the worksheet system.

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

Deborah Koorey




Sue Hohendorf

SLH Financial
Over the last twenty years, I have worked with Deborah Koorey on numerous business ventures. I have always enjoyed watching the ease in which she relates to her clients and the personal stories she tells. I have also had the distinct pleasure of becoming one of her clients. In this book I have discovered, with similar ease, that she can create great anticipation for the next story she tells, the next, and the next. Her excellent writing style entertains you at the same time as it instills a new way of thinking about how your jewelry and other important possessions can play a big part in preserving your family history. I admit, I never thought about these things before I read this book. This is an extremely enjoyable read and a very important one.

Mary J. Donnelly

Goldsmith Artist, Mary Donnelly Designs
As a jeweler, I greatly enjoyed reading, Deborah Koorey’s entertaining stories about the real struggles her customers have experienced acquiring and managing their jewelry. These stories set the mood for her revolutionary way of understanding and preserving private jewelry collections for future generations. Her easy to read, step-by-step, worksheet process will take you to another level as you learn to look at each piece of jewelry with a new eye that includes not only the basic monetary value of your jewelry but its emotional and historical significance. Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler, The Art of Creating a Meaningful Jewelry Legacy, empowers you with useful technical knowledge along with Deborah’s tenured advice. This book is something every jeweler should include in their toolbox, and every jewelry lover should read.

Joanne Dowdy

Dowdy Opal
Leave it to Deborah Koorey to fill this niche in the jewelry industry. Deborah always seems to be one step ahead of the rest of us! Having been a jewelry professional my entire adult life, I have been fortunate enough to celebrate happy occasions with my clients. Whether it be proposals, anniversaries, graduations, or other memorable events. My customers tell and retell stories about their items to family members, friends or anyone of importance, because the biggest value a jewelry heirloom has is the story it tells. Sadly, as time passes, if these stories are not recorded, they are told less and less, then lost forever...
Donna Capin M.D.

Donna Capin

Eight years ago I met Deborah Koorey in her jewelry shop in Tubac, Arizona. I became enchanted by the originality and liveliness of her beautiful jewelry, each piece is a small wonder of art. Under her vision and guidance, I have grown from a jewelry enthusiast to a curator of my family’s heirlooms. Together we have created pieces that resonate with my family history and pieces crafted to be personally and uniquely symbolic to me and my own story. Her gift is the ability to enable a vision for each individual that wants stewardship in their jewelry legacy. It is a deeply moving process with magical results.