A fun and meaningful way to create a jewelry legacy!

by Deborah J. Koorey
"Crazy About Jewelry Stories!"
Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler

The Art of Creating a Meaningful Jewelry Legacy

Introduction Excerpt

I have a piece of jewelry I call, “My Beating Heart”.

One day I will pass this wonderful piece of jewelry down to my children with a message. That message will explain why I created this heirloom for them to ponder and touch. I envision my great-great-grandchildren seeing a picture of me, and being told my name as they look at the beautiful rainbow of colors and touch the smooth softness of the gemstones and gold. They will hear the words I left for them, from a long time ago, and they will know not only what life meant to me, but become connected to the very personal history we share as a family.

I also have a piece of jewelry I call, “Mr. Silverfish.”

One day I will pass this piece of jewelry down to my children with a message. That message will explain that I received this extraordinary gift from a beloved friend who had no children. My written words will speak of who she was, and where she came from, and how on one gorgeous summer day she discovered this wonderfully engineered, reticulated silverfish at a garage sale. She didn’t know its history, yet somehow it became a part of ours, even helping to birth this book. I will ask my future heirs to adopt the incredible Mr. Silverfish with her memory alive in our family story, and in honor of friendship. And hopefully, they will become more connected as jewelry stewards, to the historic world community they share.

As a jeweler for so many years, I have heard the most amazing stories and told a few doozies myself! There is never enough time to hear or tell them all. Almost every person I meet has some story to pass to the future. These kinds of stories are alive with meaning, full of unexpected twists and turns, and in many cases, just plain fun. In my opinion, whether these stories are completely true or part fable, their main intention is to convey the values, joys or sorrows of the speaker and the house they come from. Most will never be written down.

That is why I created this book. To find ways to awaken and equip as many people as possible to write these very personal stories down, and by attaching them to “time-proof” jewelry articles or other heirlooms, increase their chances of conveying a meaningful preservation of their family history. By attaching these stories to jewelry appraisals we encourage, even if a lineage is about to expire, a greater catalog of human experience for our historic world family to share. To write the stories we know for coming generations is to respectfully bow to our past, and lovingly nod to the future with a richer historical perspective. It also produces firmer ground for the coming generations to stand on, so they can take the broader information we leave and hopefully, make better, more informed choices for those that follow them.

Since I believe that written history is the wind in our time traveling sails as humans, to master the art of speaking through the “open sea” of time, we need only a willingness to record what is in our hearts and the choice of tools to do so.    

What stories will you leave behind?

My Beating Heart

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

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Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler Worksheet System

What you will find in this book . . .

This book is presented in 14 chapters. The first 13 chapters are designed to contain a true story that has occurred during my professional years as a jeweler. The names have been changed, and certain details altered for privacy. These chapters embrace thoughts of great concern for those wishing to establish a meaningful jewelry legacy or plan to disburse jewelry or other heirlooms equitably for estate purposes. At the end of each chapter, there are page numbers indicating where you’ll find the worksheet(s) in chapter 14 that correlate to the subject matter in the book. You may decide to use these worksheets after you read each chapter, or complete them all together at the end of the book as part of the Jewelry Time Traveler (JTT) Worksheet System.

Chapter 14 contains the entire JTT Worksheet System which includes worksheets and instructions that are tailored to use with this book or at my workshops. This step-by-step program teaches you how to analyze your private collection on your own. There are 15 worksheets altogether. The last 5 are optional and not part of the core legacy program. The key worksheets for those of you who have extensive knowledge of your jewelry or other heirlooms would be the JTT Collection Organizer and the JTT Heirloom History Form. Once the basic instructions are understood, you’ll probably use only two or three of the worksheets as a whole, using the rest as reference.

I hope you benefit by taking the time to read this book and experiment with the worksheet system. Its purpose is to help you dispel negative beliefs and possibly the emotional stress surrounding this oh so very important task. You are not alone, as we all face this issue at one time or another. The key is to open up and look at an old process in a new way. So, let’s explore the secrets of jewelry time travel together as we become acquainted with the magical art of creating a meaningful jewelry legacy.


Author, Goldsmith

This worksheet system will bring new hope to the daunting task of organizing your collection!

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler: Foreword excerpt by Peter Hargitai

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

The Art of Creating a Meaningful Jewelry Legacy

So, Dear Reader, if you want to feel what I felt, read Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler and try to find some jewelry or heirloom article in your possession that is unmistakably and magically yours. Keep on reading if you want the adventure of traveling through time to lay permanent claim to your memories, no matter where they take you, because they may not only lift and heal you, but they can hold the power of immutable love. After you have done this, record, record, record what you have learned for those who follow!
Peter Hargitai
Peter Hargitai
Poet Laurate

Excerpt from the Foreword

. . . My family and I were on the run. I was all of nine when we found ourselves tramping through desolate, icy fields fleeing from the relentless onslaught of Russian tanks that had savaged Budapest. Under the cover of darkness we were desperate to escape and make it across the border to Austria and freedom. We brought nothing with us except the clothes on our backs. Every now and then, the border guards manning the watchtowers would shoot up flares into the night sky. The eerie afterglow would make us hit the ground lest we get hit by the volley of gunfire that was sure to follow. The first time it happened I was terrified. Heart-pounding-in-the-ears terrified. The ice cracked under my knees but I was oblivious to the pain. My mother threw herself on me to shield me. I hung on to her so fiercely that somehow I ripped the pendant from her neck. I was hardly aware of it, but I was pressing the necklace with the aquamarine stone into my hand as if my life depended on it. I didn’t know it then, but my family and I were in the crosshairs of history. It was 1956, the year of the Hungarian Revolution. We were among the nearly quarter-million who had risked their lives for freedom. Thousands died, entire families were torn apart in this human tragedy. My favorite Aunt Piroshka who was like a second mother to me  . . .


Poet Laureate